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Chronobiology: An Underappreciated Contributor to The Immune Response

Chronobiology: An Underappreciated Contributor to The Immune Response by Dr David Lescheid

The immune system is a complex biological system involving many different immune cells and their signaling molecules, organs such as the liver, spleen and thymus gland, various components of the endocrine, nervous and lymphatic systems, mucosal barriers including the extracellular matrix, as well as mitochondria. Recent scientific evidence indicates that an overarching indicator of the […]

Long COVID; Pathophysiology and Potential Treatment Options

a recently identified syndrome defined as the presence of one or more symptoms, in one or more organ systems, that persist for at least four weeks after an acute infection with the SARs-CoV-2 virus. There is a high unmet medical need for Long COVID because: 1) it occurs in at least 10-30% of individuals following […]

Viva la Vagus: The Neural Control of Inflammation

It is well known that persistent inflammation is a key driver of many different chronic diseases. Our current scientific understanding of the inflammatory response now includes evidence that acute inflammation is actively controlled by a resolution phase, which uses different mediators as stop signals and checkpoints for pro-inflammatory signals. Moreover, neuroendocrine pathways, including those from […]

Fire on Ice: Inflammation Resolution

Advances in systems science, including high throughput ‘omics’ technologies and bioinformatics, have contributed to a radically new understanding of inflammation. For example, it is now recognized that acute inflammation does not end passively but is actively controlled by a complex network of signaling molecules that become most prevalent during a second phase of inflammation named […]

Inflammation in the 21st century: Unexpected Findings

Recent scientific discoveries have dramatically changed our understanding of the inflammatory response. For example, a controlled level and duration of inflammation is now recognized as essential for some physiological functions. Moreover, it is now established that inflammation does not subside passively but is actively terminated by a complex network of different anti-inflammatory and pro-resolution molecules.  […]