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Our Team



The purpose of this group is two-fold. Firstly, the MCG advises the company regarding current trends in demand for nutraceutical products by patient groups in the general practice area. Secondly, the MCG assists in the process of preparation of materials for dissemination of current literature, data, and information concerning products to medical professionals. This group is comprised of regularly practicing and internationally renowned practitioners.


The function of this panel is to provide guidance for the company in selecting products that are optimal in terms of efficacy, safety, acceptability and cost-effectiveness. The panel comprises world-class Canadian nutrition researchers with expertise in the functional foods and nutraceuticals sector. Members have been selected to ensure the panel possesses expertise covering the entire spectrum of products offered.


Our Territory Managers interact with our clients, both existing and prospective. As the first line of communication, their functions include acting as sales representatives, but more importantly, to liaise with practitioners to discuss and communicate the successes, challenges, and trends in clinical practice. As Naturopathic Doctors, clinical discussion flows through them, and the information gained and shared is applied to the positioning and formulation of our product line. These clinically-focused medical consultants/territory managers are available for in-person and/or phone consultations and training sessions to discuss best practices for our product line and give dispensary guidance – contact your local medical consultant/territory manager to schedule your training session.


Our team of Student Representatives promotes peer-to-peer learning and serve as liaisons directly between NFH and the medical student population. At NFH, we are passionate about enhancing your student experience and professional growth through research-based education, residency opportunities, and clinical support. NFH wants to partner with you towards establishing a thriving, dynamic clinical practice.