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Vaginal Microbiome Test


Vaginal Microbiome Test

The vaginal microbiome represents an ecosystem which functions to maintain optimal vagina acidity. Unlike the gut microbiome, the vagina exhibits low microbial diversity and a dominance of Lactobacilli microbes. Lactobacilli, as the name implies, are a genus of bacteria that produce lactic acid and through competition keep unwanted microbes from proliferating. Disruptions in the vaginal microbiome are commonplace, leading to an increase of unwanted microbes and shifts in acidity. Such disruptions require rebalancing of the vaginal microbiome using individualized approaches that start with knowing the current composition of the vaginal ecosystem.

Our new NFH/ CosmosID functional vaginal microbiome analysis identifies the abundance of numerous microorganisms, providing healthcare providers a roadmap for decision-making with a comprehensive report that includes nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

This simple at-home test shows practitioners the abundance of:

Similar to our gut microbiome stool test, this vaginal microbiome analysis is powered by CosmosID, an industry leader in Whole Genome Sequencing. This cutting-edge technology is highly accurate and precise, allowing for 99.9% specificity and 95.7% sensitivity.

Using these important biomarkers will provide a valuable guide to pinpoint early disruptions, supporting the prevention of further dysbiosis and potentially avoiding the use of ineffective interventions.