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Why Choose NFH?


The primary goal of NFH is to bridge the gap between the most current evidence-based research and its application in everyday medical practices through nutraceutical products. Our philosophy is borne of the integration of expertise from our Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) and Medical Consultancy Group (MCG), leading global researchers from academic nutrition, medical and naturopathic disciplines, combined with sector experts in the materials, sourcing, and manufacturing industries. This combination has yielded a truly unique company, rooted in solid scientific research, put into motion and using raw materials of the highest quality, and backed by industry-leading quality assurance.

NFH Tripod of Excellence

Research-Based – The NFH product line is formulated under the guidance and expertise of our Scientific Advisory Panel and Medical Consultancy Group. These advisory members assist in integrating extensive scientific research and clinical experience into our evidence-based product line for absolute efficacy and safety.

Content Guarantee – Each raw material and finished product lot number are third-party-tested for identity and potency, without exception-we do not skip lot test. These standards confirm the ingredient dose in each capsule complies with the label claim, and ultimately ensure efficacy for optimal patient health.

Contaminant Free – Each raw material and finished product lot number are third-party-tested for purity, without exception-we do not skip lot test. Our rigorous purity testing includes, but is not limited to, microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, aflatoxins, mycotoxins, chemical solvent residues, dioxins, and oxidation by-products. Our extensive quality assurance program sets the standard in product safety.

Leader in Quality

NFH is setting the bar for the highest standards in laboratory quality assurance and good manufacturing practices! Industry-leading professional nutraceuticals of exceptional quality, purity, efficacy, and safety is our top priority. NFH products undergo rigorous third-party testing-both before and after manufacture to ensure authenticated identity, potency, and purity, guaranteeing a safe and effective final product with every bottle that leaves our facility. We surpass the regulations of Health Canada by which we validate every single raw material lot that enters our facility prior to manufacturing. Certificates of analysis from a third-party laboratory are available for every lot of raw material and finished NFH product. Visit our Quality page for more information on how NFH is leader in quality.

Exclusivity to HealthCare Professionals

At NFH, we respect and value the doctor-patient relationship. Therefore, our professional product line is available for exclusive use by fully licensed health-care professionals only. As a healthcare professional, having the trust and confidence in the products you recommend is of the utmost importance in successfully leading your patients towards optimal wellbeing.

Community Involvement

Our community involvement reflects our desire to contribute to the wellness of the population. In fact, NFH agrees to substantially contribute to philanthropic organizations serving for the betterment of the greater community. NFH is making this commitment as testimony to its overarching interest in serving the greater society’s good. Our pledge is to commit 20% of company profits to charity organizations as well as research and development.


Our company is conscious of the environment and global sustainability. We outsource from reputable distributors that are cognoscent of the sustainability of our environment and endangered species. With respect to production, packaging, and distribution, we adhere to Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) regulations and use minimal packaging material for distribution. All bottles and packing supplies used for NFH products can be recycled.